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New year, new skill?

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2019 has been such a busy year for us in terms of delivering digital marketing and social media training. The one thing that stood out over the year is the growing demand for practical workshop based courses specifically tailored for those in existing businesses or start-up businesses.

With that in mind, we’re delighted to be offering two new four week workshops in Social Media for Business for 2020 in conjunction with the Cork Training Centre and Mallow Night School.

Both courses will be starting in mid/late January and will cover the following:

Week 1

 Overview of social media use in Ireland and the demographic of users
 Introduction to Digital Marketing and how it interacts with Traditional
 Facebook for business use – creating pages, posting/scheduling content,
running paid campaigns

Week 2

 Instagram for Business – creating business accounts, posting/scheduling
content, running paid campaigns
 Content creation tips – using apps to edit pictures, create posters/flyers, basic video editing skills

Week 3

 Twitter for Business – creating business accounts, posting/scheduling
content, running paid campaigns
 Hootsuite – introduction to setting up a Hootsuite account which is a free tool that allows the scheduling of social media posts into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn

Week 4

 LinkedIn for Business – creating profiles and business pages, posting content, running paid campaigns
 Creating an Online Marketing Plan – 1) Know your Goals 2) Know your
Audience 3) Create Content 4) Monitor & Measure

For more information on any of these courses or to enquire about setting up a one-to-one or group training session, please contact us. We’d be delighted to talk through the options with you!

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Digital Marketing in 2019

It would be rude of me to start the first blog of 2019 without wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

Well here we are, on the 12 month countdown to 2020!  Maybe it’s just me, but it’s hard to believe we are almost 20 years into the new millennium.  So much has changed in terms of technology and communication and with it, society as a whole has also changed.

It would be nice to see those changes as ‘advancements’ and ‘enhancements’ to how we live and do business, but in truth the huge growth in technology has been a double-edged sword in many ways.  However, that’s a blog for another day and this blog is all about positivity for the year ahead!

The last few years have seen huge changes in how we do business and, in particular, how we market ourselves and communicate with our stakeholders.  Most businesses have embraced the online world in at least some way, be it a website, social media platform or email marketing.

Not every business is necessarily comfortable with being online, but they are savvy enough to understand that the wheel keeps turning and you have to roll with it.  After all, if you’re not moving forward…

Digital Marketing

For me, 2018 was a major year of change in how businesses went about their digital marketing and social media marketing.  It was the year that businesses started to understand that the best way to showcase online was by showing some personality.

Marketing is no longer about just selling goods and services, it’s about storytelling.

It’s about showing who you are and what’s important to you.  It’s about relationship building, and the only way to for a business to do that is to take responsibility for their online presence.

It’s not enough to just pay someone in-house or otherwise to ‘do your social’.  It has to be about more than that.  There has to be joined up thinking and contributions to what forms your online marketing plan.  The best social media content is when it’s real and authentic and, to achieve that, everybody in an organisation needs to be on board.

So, last year saw me delivering a huge amount of Digital Marketing training sessions all over the country to all different types of industries.  All of the businesses attending these sessions wanted to get a better understanding of how to manage their brands online.

They understood the importance of taking some control to help grow their business’ online presence.

Digital Marketing

We covered everything from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Blogging, Organic SEO, Paid SEO, Email Marketing to the basics of content creation including picture and video editing, keywords and hashtags!  And they weren’t the only ones learning – along the way, I was too.

That’s the interesting thing about Digital Marketing – there’s no such thing as an expert.  It’s a constantly changing and evolving field of study and, in truth, it moves so fast that we’re always playing catch up.  

So, whatever your goals for 2019 might be, do yourself and your business a favour and get yourself online!  Do a course, do some YouTubing – just do something to improve your Digital Marketing skills!  I promise it will be worth it!

Digital Marketing

Karen Twomey is a Digital Marketing Consultant with Communications Hub  and specialises in providing Digital Marketing and Social Media Training for businesses.  For further information Tel: 087 7642576 or email: