Social Media Burnout and How to Avoid it

Over the last few months, there has been a pretty consistent theme arising with my consultancy and mentoring clients – social media burnout. It sparked something in me because I think I have been feeling quite similar myself lately.

So, what is social media burnout?

According to Sprinklr (2024) social media burnout is a condition or syndrome where individuals experience emotional and mental exhaustion due to the prolonged use of social media platforms. 

How do you know you have it? 

Oh, you know….you definitely know! But in case there’s any doubt, here is what you’re most likely feeling:

  • Overwhelmed, drained or completely disconnected from social media activities.
  • Scrolling through feeds without any real interest or joy.
  • Feelings of fatigues, irritability and unproductivity.
Social Media Burnout

These symptoms can often stem from the very nature of social media platforms, which are designed to provide instant gratification through continuous dopamine hits to the brain.  When we become used to these hits, the shine tends to start to wear off (sounds familiar, right?)

Our social media experience can start to feel bland and unrewarding, making us feel increasingly disenchanted with our once-loved social platforms.

But why does social media burnout happen and what can we do prevent it?

The need to stay up to date with the hundreds of annual updates across the different social media platforms is EXHAUSTING.  And, just when you think you’re there, something changes again….aggggggghhhh.  

And what is it with the constantly changing algorithms? I mean, it’s not broke, just leave it!  This need to constantly adapt content to suit whatever that day’s requirement for visibility and engagement is, is like trying to empty a sinking boat with a teaspoon…it’s hard, right?

Prevention tips: 
  • Conduct regular audits of your social media accounts and website analytics. 
  • Know what works and what doesn’t.  You should see patterns of what’s working best for you in terms of types of posts, timing, days, etc. 
  • Don’t waste your time trying to be everywhere.  Pick 2-4 platforms that work for you and just stick to those.  
  • Create a realistic strategy for posting – 1 to 2 posts a week is perfectly fine for most small businesses, and don’t be afraid to recycle previous posts.  
  • Mostly, don’t put yourself under pressure – social media should be (at least a little bit) enjoyable!!

Social media is very personal, especially when it’s your business.  By building your brand and making yourself visible, you expose yourself to the unfiltered opinions of others.  These can take the form of negative comments, harsh feedback or, in the worst cases, cyber-bullying. 

There’s also the negativity that can be felt when nobody says anything…quite literally.  You post something, and not one person responds or engages.  It can feel like a slap in the face, and it’s hard not to take that personally sometimes.  Because, if we’re honest, deep down we all have a need for validation and social media can be brutal.

There’s also another form of negativity that impacts us through social media too.  It’s what often feels like the constant stream of bad and disturbing news and images.  Especially right now, when we’re living in a word that seems to be tethering at the brink of humanity. 

It can be hard to digest, and very often, just too much.  I think this has been a huge factor in many people turning their backs on social media, that feeling of over-whelm.

Prevention Tips: 
  • Set your boudaries– why are you on social media and what do you want to get from it? 
  • Don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, even if your competitors are doing it (live stories tend to pop-up for most people here!).  
  • Make sure your privacy/security settings are set to what suits you. 
  • Turn off notifications if you need a break. 
  • Have a strategy in place to deal with any negative reviews – this will help you to keep your cool and respond professionally if it does happen. 
  • Don’t be afraid to block people if they deserve it!!

This refers to the anxiety that arises from the feeling that others are experiencing more fulfilling lives/business journeys than us. It’s a phenomenon that is exacerbated by the constant stream of updates and news shared on social media platforms, most of which is generally very positive. 

It’s easy sometimes to feel like our competitors are nailing it, while we’re sitting around looking at the hammer.  But it’s important to remember that social media reflects a ‘highlights reel’ and is generally edited to be a positive reflection on the person/business. 

Very often, it does not reflect reality. But even if it does, so what. Don’t compare yourself to others and don’t begrudge them their wins.

Prevention Tips:
  • Stay in your own lane (a good friend of mine gave me this advice lately, and it rings through in all areas of life).  Let everyone do what they need to do.  You do you.

And put down the hammer…

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Digital Marketing Statistics Ireland

It’s that time of the year again, folks! We are Social have just published their The Global State of Digital in 2024 report updating digital marketing statistics Ireland. It certainly makes for some interesting reading…

Here are the top takeaways from the state of digital in Ireland section, as of January 2024, starting with a quick look at our demographics:

  • Ireland’s population stands at 5.07 million (an increase of 33,000 or 0.7% since Jan 2023).
  • 50.4% of our population are female and 49.6% male (gender data currently only available for female/male).
  • The median age is 38.5 years old.
  • There are 5.02 million internet users in Ireland (99% of the population).
  • Ireland was home to 4.01 million social media users (with over 79% of the population using at least one platform).

That’s the who sorted, next to look at where they are all hanging out these days! Here’s an overview of each social media platform by ad reach and gender (male and female only) in Ireland:

  • Outside of YouTube, LinkedIn ads reach the highest percentage of the Irish population. However, it must be said those users are not as active as the users on other social media platforms (only 1/3 of users visit the platform monthly).
  • Meta’s ad reach is similarly divided between Facebook and Instagram. Instagram is now users favorite platform in Ireland, and worldwide.
  • TikTok continues to grow in popularity with it’s users on average spending more time on the platform than any other social media users (an average of a whopping 34 hours per month – which is 6 hours more than runner up Youtube!)

Here’s an overview of social media statistics in Ireland based on ad reach and gender as a percentage of total population

Digital Marketing Statistics Ireland

So, there you have it. Digital Marketing Statistics Ireland show that digital platforms continue their reign as the entertainment and communication choice of the Irish population. Which in turn, of course, means they will continue to remain a vital marketing tool for business!

For more information on how to grow your business online, get in touch with Karen Twomey of Communications Hub.

Professional versus Influencer

…And the blurred line! In the middle of a mentoring session this week, just as I was extolling the virtues of Instagram, the client stopped my train of thought with this great question:

I’m a professional, not an influencer…how do I keep that line while still promoting myself online?

Influencer Marketing

Over the last few days, I’ve been mulling the answer to this question over and over in my mind. It’s such a valid question and I’m surprised that I haven’t thought more about it. It’s a common worry for many of my clients, but is often expressed more in terms of a wish to keep professional life separate from their personal life.

Let’s start with a look at how the roles of professional and influencer are defined:

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a professional is someone who does a job that needs special training and a high level of education.

A professional in a particular field conforms to the technical and ethical standards of that profession. They go through a defined period of training aimed at acquiring a skill that will be applied to solve a problem, generally in exchange for payment.

According to the Influencer Marketing Hub , An influencer is someone who has the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others because of his or her authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with his or her audience.

Influencers are usually hired and paid according to their degree of impact on the population (or target market of the company). This generally equates to their number of followers and likes/views that they have on social media.

They trade their experiences and lifestyles for visibility. The more visible they are, the more money they are paid to advertise a product, be a brand ambassador, and many other #perks!

Professionals on the other hand, are hired to offer a particular skill for which they have trained and obtained a certificate of learning. They have to acquire a skill and prove that they master it by practicing it over a prolonged period of time. The longer their experience, the more expensive their service generally becomes.

And therein for me lies the difference – a professional is paid to authenticate a product/service, whereas an Influencer is paid to solely promote it. It’s a very important difference, when you really think about it…and unfortunately, many people really don’t anymore.

So how do you define that line between professional and influencer in your own businesses marketing?

I think most people in business now appreciate the need to show personality and to build their brand’s story. This usually involves sharing some element of our personal lives – maybe our dog, our hobbies, or sharing our social causes and beliefs. And it nearly always involves putting our face and voice online, particularly in this age of stories, reels and Tiktoks.

There are a few key things that businesses can do to help them define themselves as professionals, while still being engaging and showing personality:

  • Use your website and social media bio to promote your qualifications and experience.
  • Deal in fact only – back up your opinions with your professional learnings.
  • Don’t get caught up in fads. Stick to what promotes both your business and personal ethos most authentically (maybe say pass to the latest Tiktok challenge!).
  • Worry about your clients, not the general masses. It’s business you want to attract, not likes and follows.

Despite the differences between professional and influencer, there’s an increasingly blurry line at times. Many professionals are now also influencers, and many do a great job at merging both to educate and engage with target markets. There can be a lot of value in that. But I do think it’s important for a professional to decide where the line is for them and, of course, that will vary from person to person.

So I was glad when my client raised that question this week. It’s definitely something I needed to be more aware of and to address more often with clients, especially in this ever-changing world of social media marketing and those blurry lines between work and life.

My final pointer to professionals is to believe in yourself – sounds obvious, but a lot of us get intimidated by Influencers. Don’t be, their job is different to yours! Those who have done a course with me will know that one of my favorite sayings in digital marketing is ‘Likes are for vanity, engagement for sanity’. That’s a mantra I live by – and I’d strongly advise you do too!

Influencer Marketing
Karen Twomey MA BSc works as a freelance digital marketing consultant, trainer and mentor. For more information on how Communications Hub can help your business get in touch.

Karen Twomey – An introduction!

I think like most businesses, mine evolves and grows with every year that passes- and so too do my services. So let me take time to reintroduce myself, Karen Twomey!

After lots of years of focusing on delivering training in all areas of digital marketing, both online and in-person, I’ve found myself doing more one-to-one work over the last few months. This has mostly taken the form of consultancy and mentoring…and I have to say, I love it!

Karen Twomey

There’s a lot of value that can be added to a business, whether you’re a start-up or existing brand, by investing in an hour or two of one-to-one digital marketing consultancy. Here at Communications Hub we can tailor-make an online marketing plan to suit your time, skills and needs, and focus on the key digital platforms that will ensure the best return on your time. So whether it’s Twitter or TikTok, we’re here to help and guide you through.

So, if you’d like to know more about Karen Twomey and what Communications Hub can do for you, check out this short video I’ve put together or come say hello on LinkedIn! And after that – get in touch!

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It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it

Last weekend I attended the All Together Now festival set in the stunning landscape of Curraghmore House in Portlaw, Co Waterford.

Having purchased our tickets months back, we were eagerly anticipating what was promised to be a weekend of “like-minded people, music lovers, passionate performers, families, artists, musicians, creators, rebels, and refugees of a changing festival landscape…”

Wow, high hopes indeed.

My husband was lucky enough to escape from the ‘kiddie run asylum’ we call home on Thursday night and went off with some friends to get set up in anticipation of my arrival the next day.

Chomping at the bit on Friday, I all but did a drive by dumping of the kids at the grandparents’, and took off all smug and chilled in the knowledge that within the hour I’d be getting my festival vibe on with a nice cool can of Heineken.

Little did I know…

All Together Now

The traffic woes of the forsaken All Together Now festival goers have been well documented and, as there’s a good chance I’m still suffering from Post Traumatic Stress disorder from what should have been a 1 hour maximum drive instead taking 5 1/2 hours, I’m not even going to go there again.  You can Google it if I’ve lost you.

Yes, I did mean FIVE AND A HALF HOURS.  The last hour of which I spent in desperation for a wee.  Which at least helped pass the time as I contemplated all kind of acrobatics to relieve myself into the only vessel I contained, an empty coffee cup – you’ll be glad to know I resisted, just about.

So anyway, I got there, and to a toilet.  It wasn’t the end of the world.  Sh*t happens and all that.

What really did suck though was the completely inadequate response from the organisers of All Together Now, who basically ignored what was happening and went on a social media shutdown.  They only updated their accounts later that night to blame the delays on the number of people attending.

Now, I’m no expert in event management but when you sell 22,000 tickets for your event, you better prepare for 22,000 people to attend.  Later Friday night they shared how amazing Fontaines DC were, which was scant consolation for those still stuck in traffic and missing the fun.

You probably don’t need me to tell you the response this generated across their social media platforms all weekend…

All Together Now

But hey, we’re all human, we all make mistakes.  The thing about mistakes though is that most of them can be forgiven…if you take responsibility and apologise.  Blaming other people for your mistakes is just plan rude.  And in the words of Patti Smith – the people have the power – especially in the world of social media.

After mature reflection (and a possible change of PR companies), the organisers of All Together Now did take responsibility and went on a damage limitation strategy.  Fair play, and better late than never.  They put on a great festival in so many ways and hopefully they’ll learn some valuable lessons from this year’s fiasco.

It did leave a bad taste though  – not to mention a very negative online footprint (we won’t even go there on the environmental footprint).

As someone who works in PR/Digital Marketing I always tell my clients that mistakes can and do happen.  There’s a fail safe formula for dealing with them though – acknowledge, apologise and promise to learn from it.  Simples.

All Together Now

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Why YouTube?

Does your business have a YouTube channel?  If not, here’s a few good reasons why you should!

Over 77% of the population use YouTube every week – so whether you know it or not, you’re probably a regular user of the platform too!

YouTube was established in 2005 and has grown from strength to strength over the years – much helped, of course, by the explosion of video as a content marketing strategy.  It is now the world’s second largest search engine (after Google) and the second most visited site after Facebook.

The average YouTube user spends an unbelievable 21 minutes per browsing session – compare this to Facebook at 11 minutes, Instagram at 6 and eBay at 6! ( 2019).



In fact, over one billion hours of videos are now watched on YouTube every day with 1.9 billion monthly active logged-in users.  Of those 75% report watching YouTube on their mobile devices (Hubspot 2019) – a fact that should be kept in mind when designing YouTube content and adverts.

Useless Fact

The most watched video on YouTube is Despacito by Luis Fonsi.  Gangnam Style was the first you-tube video to be watched over a billion times.  It took five months to hit 1 billion views – in comparison to Despacito which took just over 97 days!


Moving swiftly on…

YouTube ads can be In-Stream, In-Search and In-Display and research has found that they are 84% more likely to hold attention than TV ads.  After all, who watches live TV anymore!

YouTube ads can be especially good for building brand awareness, influencing behaviour and driving customers to your website…and who doesn’t want more customers, right?!

Of course, I can’t write a blog on YouTube without mentioning the important fact that it’s owned by Google and rates very highly in terms of SEO and SERP.  Couple that with the fact that video gets up to 60% more interaction than images online and it makes Youtube a no brainer for any digital marketing strategy!

I bet you’ve been singing this in your head since I mentioned it, right?  Here you go…

#YouTube #DigitalMarketing #VideoMarketing

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Latest Social Media Stats for Ireland

The latest Ipsos MRBI stats on social media use in Ireland don’t yield many surprises – not least the huge growth that Instagram has enjoyed in Ireland over the last few months.

Instagram is now officially the fastest growing social media platform in Ireland and has grown by a huge 7% from November 2016 to November 2017 – leaving the once ‘Golden Child’ Snapchat in its wake, with a growth of only 3%.

The other big winners of 2017 were Pinterest – which experienced a much-needed boost of 5% to make it the 5th most popular social media platform in Ireland.

Likewise, Twitter has enjoyed a growth of 4% in account ownership, although it has been pushed into 3rd position in terms of daily use of a social media platform, having been overtaken by everyone’s current favourite, Instagram.

The biggest loser of 2017 has been Google+, an increasingly redundant platform save for its ties in terms of its Google/ search engine optimisation association.

Facebook has experienced a drop of 2% in account ownership and a further 2% in daily usage.  Although, with 65% of the population still having accounts and 69% of those using it daily, it’s far from its demise.

Below are the stats for account ownership in Ireland up to November 2017

account ownership nov17
Ipsos MRBI Nov 17

And daily usage up to the same period

Communications Hub

So, what does this mean for Irish businesses in terms of digital marketing going forward?

  • Video is still King
  • Infographics reflect the trend for bite-size info
  • In the moment/Live content is still the most engaging type of content
  • Micro-blogging is going from strength to strength
  • Less is more – and less than that is more again

So there you have it  – social media continues its charge forward and is cementing its place as the most popular and effective marketing tool in Ireland.

Karen Twomey is a freelance Public Relations and Social Media Consultant with Communications Hub  For further information Tel: 087 7642576 or email: