Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

Digital Marketing Trends 2020

As the clock ticked down on not only another year, but a whole decade (2020…how old are we all feeling now?!), it’s was a natural time to reflect on the year gone by and focus on what the Digital Marketing trends for 2020 might bring.

From a Digital Marketing point of view, the last ten years have been an explosion of new marketing platforms, content and technology. Social media has led the way in digital marketing strategies – with video, in the moment content and bite sized information at the fore.

The growth of Social Media Marketing is an obvious focus but an even bigger one has been the change in content structure and user engagement both online and offline.

The product has almost become secondary. The customer should now be the focus point of marketing campaigns. In a world where as consumers we are swamped with advertisements, the need for marketing content to connect emotionally is now an essential marketing objective and KPI.

Generic content no longer works. People engage with people. It has to be real.

Digital Marketing Trends 2020

So, enough reflection. What changes might the next decade bring to how we market ourselves as organisations?

Here are my top 5 trends for 2020!


The growth of e-commerce websites and more secure online payment systems has seen online shopping go from strength to strength over the last few years. A report by IBIS World forecasts that over the next few years years revenue from online sales will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.2 per cent to €3.8 billion in 2024. It’s not surprising then to see Social Media Platforms falling over themselves to introduce more efficient online shopping options. This is an area that will continue to grow in 2020 offering an easier shop linking system to the seller and a more interactive seamless shopping experience for the buyer. Win/Win.


Hello, Is it me you’re looking for? Anyone else have an Alexa who is slowly becoming your go-to for answers in all things entertaining and factual? It is estimated that in 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice searches. That makes voice search one of the biggest online marketing trends of 2020, meaning it can no longer be ignored by digital marketers! There are a lot of things you can do to optimise your site for voice search, but the most important change involves using long tail keywords like “how to stop eating selection boxes now Christmas is over” instead of a shorter keyword like “selection boxes” Seriously, I’d like to know…asking for a friend, like…


It is predicted that Augmented Reality will outpace Virtual Reality in 2020 and by 2021, VR won’t be able to catch up. AR is already being used by major companies like IKEA, whose app allows customers to see what a piece of furniture would look like in their space before purchasing. Turns out that over sized faux-zebra print throw is a little bit OTT…damn, I hate it when my husband is right.


Messaging apps have experienced a huge growth over the last year or two with the likes of Facebook Messenger really investing in developing the app to grow its use for business. The last IPSOS MRBI Social Media Messaging Stats (June 2019) found that 74% of the Irish population now had WhatsApp accounts, with 59% having Facebook Messanger accounts. Social messaging works because consumers want convenience and interactive experiences. Linking booking forms, shops, etc. to social media accounts offers this, while the integration of a messaging service is the cherry on top!


See above…consumers are lazy. The more we can spoon-feed them, the better! A recent survey found that 91% of buyers are looking for more interactive content online and in 2020, content marketers will shift their focus to give the people what they want – Shoppable posts, AR/VR, 360-degree video, quizzes, and polls.

All in all, the current trend towards real and ‘in the moment’ content will continue to gain momentum in 2020 making the new decade a slippery slope in terms of digital marketing for those organisations who don’t move with the times.

It’s now essential to have a strong customer focused online presence, no matter what type of organisation you are. More time should be spent thinking about the buyer journey and creating content that compliments that trip. Make sure your customers make it to their destination point following your map. After all, the only impossible journey is the one you never begin…

Digital Marketing Trends 2020

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