5 Steps to Improve Reach on Social Media

Improve your social media presence

Hello? Hello? Is there anyone out there….

Are you increasingly feeling like you’re talking to your self online? Well, don’t take it too personally – you’re certainly not alone! Let’s look at how we can improve reach on social media…

While social media still remains a vital and effective marketing and communications tool for so many businesses, there’s no denying that it has become an increasingly congested route to the customer.

So how can your business ensure a more seamless journey when trying to connect with your customers through social media?

Improve reach on social media

Here are our top 5 tips for improving your online reach in 2022:


Research other social media pages – ideally, find a competitor who is doing it well and watch and learn! Keep an eye on your analytics – what type of content are your followers most engaged with? What time of the day are they most active? Know which platforms your customer likes to hang out on – this is often based on age, gender and interests.


Most social media platforms now favor short-form video (any video under 2.5 minutes – think TikTok, Reels, YouTube Shorts). This is directly driven by the fact that most social media users now prefer video content and the algorithms like to deliver! It’s vital that businesses incorporate some form of video content into their social media marketing for 2022 and beyond. Keep an eye on trending songs and hashtags also, especially on TikTok!


Consistent branding is key. Try to use the same name, logo and bio across all social media platforms to ensure brand recognition. While you may seed your content to suit different platforms and audiences, the overall narrative and tone should be the same – have a strong authentic brand voice. Don’t forget to also be mindful of your hashtags and keywords and use these consistently online.


People follow your business on social media because they are interested in what you do – don’t forget that! Educate them on your product/service, what problem it solves and what makes it different. Tell them your story – who you are, how you got here, and what you love about your business. If appropriate show them your process, behind the scenes, or maybe some short tutorials showcasing your skills. And, most importantly, keep your social media platforms active!


It’s sad, but true – gone are the days of basking in a glorious ray of reach and engagement for free on social media. No need for tears though, it’s not all bad news. Paid ads on Meta are extremely cost effective and can be targeted to reach niche audiences to ensure maximum return. I like to run a mixture of boosted posts (to push individual posts), page promotion (to increase following) and linked posts (promoting website). Running even sporadic paid ads can really help to push a page and grow reach and engagement.

So there you have it, 5 easy steps to help your business to improve your reach on social media. And if I was to add a 6th step, it would be to remember to have some fun with it – it’s social media after all, not serious media!

Karen Twomey MA BSc works as a freelance digital marketing consultant, trainer and mentor. For more information on how Communications Hub can help your business get in touch.

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